Family App

Family App

My Role

As a product designer, I concepted, designed, prototyped, and tested designs pre-development. All screens are my designs.


The Family App connects families and communities that are separated by physical distance or busy schedules, keeping activities, communication, and important notes in shared digital spaces. I concepted and designed the app based on a personal need to connect with my family during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.


I concepted designs for shared spaces that families would find most useful, focusing on the essential functionality a family needs to stay up to date and connected with each others lives. I sketched and created low fidelity wireframes for shared calendars, notes, and events.



Once I had my concept in a good place, I designed and prototyped each screen and developed an MVP for essential elements of the product strategy that I could test.



I tested my design with family and friends via and gathered feedback for a second iteration of the app experience.


Got time?

My Full Design Thinking Process


Keeping up to date with remote families or communities requires communication and shared space, even if it is only digital. By creating thoughtful shared spaces, remote families or communities can keep bonds strong and keep up to date with little effort.