My Role

As a UX Researcher and UX Strategist, I conducting research to identify key design problems and developed personas and journey maps to support future engagements.


All screens and design artifacts are currently confidential. Please contact me if you have any specific questions about the work or deliverables.

TL;DR is a leading global booking app in the hospitality space whose reputation has been fading for years. My task was to identify root problems of a shrinking employee candidate pool. I conducted research to developed user personas and journey maps, ultimately informing future design efforts for the careers experience.

Competitive Audit & Research

I collaborated with brand and content strategists to audit the careers experience of 16 local and global tech competitors who were competing for a small number of key roles. In addition to the audit, I lead 12 internal and external interviews to compliment qualitative surveys and identify’s main problems rooted in communication and the candidate’s decision process.

Persona & Journey Mapping

To inform future design efforts, I collaborated with brand and content strategists to create user profiles and journey maps across all digital touchpoints with a mix of quantitative qualitative data.

Design Sketches

After synthesizing my research, I collaborated with engineers and designers to sketch updated experiences based on engineering effort and persona needs.


Identifying’s root brand and communication problem lead to the development of validated user personas and journey maps. These artifacts served as the basis for actionable design sketches to help reclaim their share of the employee candidate pool.