Josh Meyers

About me

I’m an empathetic Product Designer with experience synthesizing research, psychology, communication, and business into design decisions.

I balance craft and pragmatism to empower people and support healthy behavior through technology.


I take an essentialist approach to design and follow the mantra “Less but Better”. I work on UX Strategy, Design Systems, and Product Design projects in the agency world for clients such as and Meta.


My Story

As a Kid, I grew up in love with story-telling and letting my imagination empathize with the people around me. When I reached adulthood, my curiosity led me to transition from finance, to marketing, to design. Each time I got a little closer to work that suits my empathetic and thoughtful skillset. Now, my goal is to use my curiosity and designs to support the people and communities around me.


I write about design and psychology to solidify what I learn and share what I find helpful with others in the design community.

Design Portfolio 2022